Monday, April 15, 2013

Android - Five best Android keyboards

Android platform allows users to customize smartphones at high levels never experienced before, is very simple to change the themes, adding or removing widgets, and so on,; and recently the new input method has change the way to write on a smartphone. The facility to swap the on-screen keyboard is a big part of that open experience, and new methods has become a new challenge for developers, new ideas are pushing the concept boundaries, each more developers are improving the levels of typing speed, therefore the precision is also essential. So lets go to know some of the best Android keyboards. 

iPhone Keyboard - iPhone Keyboard on Android
The 8pen - Reinvented keyboard for smartphones
SlideIT Keyboard - it’s so easy writing on a smartphone
Swiftkey 4 - Probably the best keyboard for Android
Swype - A fantastic keyboard for Android

These are some suggestions for who wants to change the Android keyboard.


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