Monday, July 15, 2013

MailDrop - Free disposable email service

Sometimes we need to sign up our email address in some online services or functions. So, giving our personal emails to those services, could be a way to start receiving spam and other kind of email not wanted in our mailbox. Well, for those situations the best thing we need do is to create a fake or a temporary email but at same time to have access to the service. So, for that nothing better than MailDrop! This free email tool is clean, flexible and very easy to use, there are no passwords to remember or login forms to go through, you only need to type an alias in the provided text field and you’ll be redirect to the inbox for that address; email will remain in the inbox as long as a new message arrives every 24 hours, though it can only hold 10 at a time. This is an excellent disposable email service! Check this out! 

Website: MailDrop


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