Wednesday, September 25, 2013

FreeFileSync 5.21

As you know backup is one of the most important task you have to do, without a backup solution, you can lose all important data that is stored in your machine and everything hangs in the balance when disaster strikes. If you have a crash system and you cannot restore your data, well, can be a huge headache. So, if you just want to have a backup copy of your documents, photos then I would recommend the Free FileSync! This is a free application very useful to have in your computer, you can fast compare the contents of two folders and copy files in either direction to ensure that the both folders have the same contents. This should be one of the best folder synchronization utilities available on the internet. So, have full control on what will on backup! Check this out!

Free Download: FreeFileSync 5.21 (9.5MB)



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