Thursday, September 26, 2013

New - Gnome 3.10

Gnome 3.10 arrives with new features and a lot of changes! As you know desktops define the productivity mode for many operating systems; each one has its features, but they have all the same bases, in the last few years Linux platforms have taken the preference of many users, platforms such as Gnome and the KDE, well, of course each one with different qualities. So, after several months of work arrived the Gnome 3.10 with many surprises, with a redesigned system status menu, smart card login support, new header bars for applications, new applications for handling notes, music, maps, photos, a new plugin that handles geolocation, etc. GNOME 3.10 has also Wayland as technological preview, developed by Redhat team. Well, I think these features will go to change the direction of Gnome on operating system world. 
For more information check out the following website:

Website: Gnome 3.10


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