Thursday, September 5, 2013

ProduKey 1.65 - Find your OS licenses

For sure most of users don’t have noted all licenses from paid software that are installed in your machines, you know some licenses are stored somewhere in your desk, but where? Don’t panic, there’s a solution, the ProduKey! ProduKey a free tool that helps you to recover or display lost Windows keys from all Microsoft applications that you have installed in your computer. On the application you can see Product Name, Product ID, Product Key, data of the last installation, installation folder, computer name and service pack. 
Doing doble click one of this options you have a new window with new information about that software. But this free tool doesn’t show you only the license of your OS, it can search for any OS installed in the computer or in an external hard disk. After you have all numbers that you want, you can save them in txt file or even in HTML file. Check this out!

Free Download: 

Website: ProduKey


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