Sunday, October 20, 2013

Free blood pressure tool - Android

High blood pressure (BP) is a big problem worldwide, it’s the leading cause of cardiovascular disease globally. There are many things which contribute to an individual's risk of developing high blood pressure, age, gender, ethnicity, family history, smoking and many other factors; there is often a large variation from person to person; arterial pressure also varies in individuals from moment to moment. There are some devices that could read BP and the oscillometric method can be used for measurement, these devices have the advantage of being able to take multiple measurements, such as systolic and diastolic. So, today I bring “My heart”, this is a free application for Android, it can collect and analyze the your blood pressure (systolic and diastolic categories). With this you can track, edit, describe, analyze, filter, view on interactive graphs or even send them directly to your doctor! Check this out! 

Free Download: Android


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