Sunday, October 20, 2013

Runtastic Six Pack - Free fitness app!

Runtastic announced the launch of the Runtastic Six Pack; this is a free fitness application, this track and manages your health and workout exercises. This comes to change this kind of applications, first it uses llifelike avatars to guide, coach and to motivate you; this application offers to you a large number of resources, such as speed, heart rate, track distance, pace, and calories burned.

"Today's smartphones offer a wide array of tools to track health and fitness data. The key is finding ways to make this technology more accessible and easier to use. With the Samsung GALAXY Gear, we're offering the full Runtastic experience on a smaller, easy-to-read platform."

It has avatar trainers and more than 50 HD exercise videos, Runtastic’s lifelike avatar trainers, Daniel and Angie, are ready to help users achieve their training goals. The HD videos are useful to guide users to follow the exercises maximizing workout benefits and minimizing the risk of injury. Users can complete Runtastic Six Pack workouts on a variety of devices whether at home, in the gym or on the go. This free application is available for smartphones, tablets and Apple TV. Check this out!

Free Download: Runtastic Six Pack


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