Sunday, December 22, 2013

ProduKey 1.65 - find out your Microsoft product IDs

Sometimes is necessary to reinstall the Windows operating system or an Office package, but comes a problem, some users don’t know or don’t remember where the product IDs of Microsoft programs are. Well, this could happen to anyone, but what do you think to extract all Microsoft product IDs from your computer and save them in one file?! Great isn’t it? So, there is a free and tiny application called ProduKey 1.65 which can do it easily. ProduKey 1.65 will show you the ProductID and the CD-Key Microsoft programs installed on your computer, it shows MS-Office, Windows version, Exchange Server, and SQL Server. This free tool is very useful to have in your pc! Check it out! 

Free Download:
ProduKey 1.65 (32bits) (46.5KB)
ProduKey 1.65 (64bits) [69.4KB)

Website: ProduKey


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