Monday, January 27, 2014

Battery Doctor - free Android tool

For the last years Smartphones have replaced mobile phones! The possibility to receive and make phone calls, smartphones have more functionalities that simplify the day of each user. Now smartphones are much more powerful devices than “normal” mobile phones and require a lot of power to run. So, knowing more about your Smartphone battery, how it works and how you can improve its efficiency, can be very useful, so, to get that you can use an interesting free tool for your smartphone called Battery Doctor! I think this is the most complete application for Android devices! The application shows the remaining time, battery’s running time, been possible to do important adjustments of wireless, GPS, ring volume, brightness and more! Clicking in the letter “I” located in the right upper corner of the application we can see some information about current temperature, health, voltage, amperage, current-max capacity, technology and more!
Check this out!

Free Download: Battery Doctor (2,5 MB) - Android 2.1+


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