Friday, March 14, 2014

Call with Android devices over Bluetooth and Wifi

Nowadays with technology and smartphones, we only have to join them and we got amazing tools, can you imagine riding a bike with your friends and be talking with them with your smartphone, why not to use the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to communicate with your friends? This idea is applicable to Sports (ski, cycling, hiking, climbing), you have communications (up to 100 meters / 238 feet) is also perfect for noisy environments (construction, concerts, etc.). You can do it without spend money! Well, you can do it with Intercom app; there are two scenarios for this application, based on the wireless technology, how? To use the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi technologies. On the Bluetooth option devices have to select the other devices to connect to. For Wi-Fi scenario is more similar to a two-way radio channel where the BSSID replaces the radio channel and broadcast Wi-Fi packets are more appropriate for one-to-many communications than many one-to-one. Both modes show the audio recording level users can adjust the sensitivity of the microphones connected to the device. The application can be downloaded free of charge at Google Play store. Check this out!

Free Download: Android Intercom 


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