Monday, March 10, 2014

InstantBird 1.5 - All IM with a single application

Nowadays is possible to find different Instant messaging applications over the internet, but to use each one of them, you need always jumping from one to another one (instant messaging tool); it will be good if you could have all applications in only one, but today it’s possible to have all that with Instantbird! Instantbird is a super IM tool, it allows you to have in an unique interface, several IM services, all them customizable, on it you have, AOL Instant Messenger, old MSN, Yahoo,Talk, Twitter, Facebook Chat, XMPP,IRC, ICQ and more! Instantbird was built to be a stable application, safety, simple and without advertisements. It comes with multiple-account support, allowing all users to log more than one account at a time, it’s possible to change styles, fonts, avatars and more! Check it out right now!

Free Download: Instantbird 1.5


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