Sunday, March 2, 2014

Monotony 1.4.3 - New Mac feeds application

Internet is a huge source of information and knowledge; is there that we get news from our favorite websites, but there is another way to receive the latest news, through feeds RSS, (a kind of information flow). With the finish of Google Reader, that many users were using, come the necessity to search other alternatives. So, for those Mac users that need to receive the latest news from websites, there is the Monotony! This free application is a tiny app for Mac computers which can checks RSS feeds and lets you know when something new is up. It’s easy to setup and use, it’s very easy to subscribe to RSS feeds, and it updates feeds with alerts in OS X’s Notification Center. Monotony runs in the Mac’s Menubar or in an invisibly way in the background, but still visible with notifications. Well, this could be a fantastic feed tool, check it out!

Free Download: Monotony 1.4.3

Website: Monotony


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